Steve in the Community

I have always wanted to make things better for our community and those that live there. I believe that we all have a responsibility and a debt to an orderly society. Seventeen years ago I was motivated to run for Council for the first time when I saw inequities and marginalization of rural residents within the new HRM. I wanted to be a strong voice speaking for them and improving the lives of those around me.  During my 13 years as a Regional Councillor I was a strong and effective voice winning many battles on behalf of the communities I represented.
    • I successfully challenged and prevented an unwanted, large-scale development by an international company attempting to impose its will on communities of the Eastern Shore by aggressively developing and enacting regulations and bylaws that will restrict the location of these projects in proximity to our homes and our communities.
  • I reduced the tax rates here in HRM, and eliminated local area rates.



  • With the support of Council I developed a streetscape community beautification and sidewalk project on the Eastern Shore, the first of its kind, achieved by working closely with the community and our local MLA and Member of Parliament.


  • As a member of the Executive Committee I was instrumental in policy changes and greatly reducing unnecessary spending within our administration, lowering tax rates and placing HRM in a better financial position for the first time in many years.


  • As a respected member of Council I was proud to represent HRM both locally and on the world stage at conferences such as the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, World Energy Conferences and Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conferences.



  • As a former Councillor, I was successful in retaining the RCMP in rural areas and keeping our combined police support.
  • I was successful in defeating a motion by Halifax International Airport to change zoning laws that would adversely affect property owners’ ability to subdivide land.
  • Oversaw the construction of the district’s newest, state of the art, fire station, No. 40 in Dutch Settlement.
  • Following through on commitment to start developing rural transit, oversaw the introduction of the MetroX 320 line to Fall River and the Airport.
  • Oversaw construction of the newly completed $400,000 upgrade to the Middle Musquodoboit water treatment facility, as well as construction of the BoMont Subdivision water treatment facility in Elmsdale with no local improvement charges or further burden to the local rate payers.